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Coverage Opinions and Declaratory Judgments

Jack McKinley has three decades of experience writing coverage opinions about the spectrum of property and casualty risks. His expertise includes issues across CGL, auto, directors and officers, maritime, professional liability and specialty insurance policies. The firm’s coverage opinions are distinguished by an extremely high quality of work. Clients value our distinguishable attributes:

We give straight answers to tough questions, we are not fence-sitters.

We explain in understandable English our view about your issues and opinions for handling them.

We objectively identify and logically analyze what matters.

We offer computerized research on a national level and do not charge access fees.

We routinely draft reservation of rights and denial letters, letters to opposing counsel and other documents.

Our firm objectively assesses the basis and need for, and at client’s direction will initiate, a declaratory judgment lawsuit on any issue across the full spectrum of property and casualty risks. Declaratory judgment lawsuits are often unnecessary or impossible before judgment. We know when you can sue. Shareholder Jack McKinley has prevailed in many such lawsuits for insurers, sometimes making law to do so.